• Manufacturer: Pfizer
  • Substance: Somatropin
  • Strength: 1 Injection Pen (36iu or 16iu)
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Powder and solvent for solution for injection.

Genotropin is a pen device containing Human Growth Hormone – HGH [somatropin rDNA origin] manufactured by Pfizer. It contains lyophilized powder and sterile injection solution together in a separate compartments and are mixed in the pen automatically before use.

Genotropin HGH is e.coli derived and identical to the natural hormone produced in a body. Genotropin is one of the most convenient to use HGH devices available. It is packaged in paper cartons containing ready to administer devices and is available at various strengths.

Storage: Store at 2 °C to 8 °C refrigerator ( 39-46 ° F ), protection for 1 year (until the expiration date) At room temperature (up to 37 degrees °C ) you can keep the product for 30 days, at a maximum of 45 °C you can protect the product for a week .

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36 IU, 16 IU


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