• Manufacturer: Lilly
  • Substance: Insulin (Peptide)
  • Strength: 5×3 ml Ready Pens 1000 U/mL


A crystalline suspension of insulin with protamine and zinc to delay its release and extend its action. Insulin isophane is considered intermediate length insulin. The onset of drug action following subcutaneous administration is approximately 1-2 hours, and its peak effect is reached in 4-10 hours. It has a total duration of activity lasting more than 14 hours. This type of insulin is not commonly used for physique- or performance-enhancement purposes.

Those who buy Insulin for the purpose of performance enhancement and use it improperly risk the greatest side-effect of all; death.

Again a reminder of the high risk involved with insulin. It can make you a life-long diabetic and in the worst case, it can kill you. Strongly advised against the use of insulin compounds. Should you not heed the warning, follow the protocol to the letter. One slip could mean your life.


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