YK11 10mg



100 tablets (10 mg/Tab)


10-20 mg per day



In the cellular testing that was completed on the YK11 compound, it was determined that it has the capability to significantly grow muscle by way of increasing follistatin which encourages muscle building. YK11 blocks myostatin from being able to perform its duty.

Myostatin is a protein that decreases the amount of muscle growth within the body. With it being blocked and follistatin being increased, muscles have the ability to increase in size greatly.

YK11 is able to promote bone health by stimulating protein for strong bone building. Those who are involved in bodybuilding can attest that YK11 has incredible fat burning effects with the muscle gains, all with no adverse effects.

YK11 Benefits

There are numerous benefits to the YK11 SARM such as the lack of side effects making it, unlike any anabolic steroids.

The compound’s mechanism only targets certain cells taking away the potential for side effects that would normally be associated with various SARMs, anabolic steroids, or human growth hormones. YK11 SARM reviews noted a few of the benefits that you can expect while using YK11 include:

  • Muscle growth. Muscle growth is enhanced at a greater capacity without water retention or the typical side effects that would coincide with that.
  • Muscle hardening. A hardening effect is given with an increase in levels of density and fullness of the muscles.
  • Follistatin is increased significantly with myostatin being blocked by the YK11 to decrease the chances of muscle growth prevention.
  • Increases in strength, overall endurance, recovery times, and energy levels while taking YK11.
  • Fat loss. Encourages fat burning replaced by rapid gains in lean, solid muscle mass.
  • Side effects. It is generally free of side effects for most of its users.

Proper YK11 Dosage

YK11 SARM has not had living trials to see what effects long-term use at higher doses will have caused some to recommend that it be taken for a shorter duration in smaller doses.

Otherwise, it is suggested that 5 mg per day is a good dose, to begin with for those who are new to the drug. A smaller dose than that may cause you to not see any results. For anyone who has experience using SARMs, 10-20 mg could be tolerated with more ease. For a proper YK11 cycle, you would take it for no more than 4-8 weeks.

At 10 mg a majority of users are going to see muscle growth rapidly. As is the case with any supplement or medication, the higher dosage increases the likelihood that you will experience adverse side effects.

For any regimen, you want to first consult with your healthcare provider in order that they can follow you throughout your cycling to maintain a healthy course for you. If you notice any type of serious or chronic effects developing, you should stop the drug immediately.

For women who choose to take YK11, the optimum dosage would be 0.5-2 mg with a YK11 cycle of 4-8 weeks. Women are choosing this SARM as a safe alternative due to a lesser likelihood for virilization or any kind of other dangerous side effects.

There is little information available regarding the half-life of YK11 with the exception that it is remarkably short and it is recommended that it should be dosed out multiple times each day in order to have the best results.


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